The Hill Report

Sample Report


The Hill Report is prepared on the basis of the latest public information available from the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of Talbot County, Maryland and the Maryland State Department of Assessment and Taxation. The Hill Report makes no representation regarding errors or omissions in the records. All rights reserved. No part of our reports may be reproduced in any form, by microfilm, xerography or otherwise, or incorporated into any information retrieval system without written permission of the copyright owner.

In our report, you will notice we supply the complete mailing address of the new property owner. Just below the Deed Transfer you will find the corresponding mortgage, if any. In the right hand column there is a brief description of the property, specifying if improved or unimproved. Also listed will be the deed reference numbers. In compiling our report we have tailored it to meet many different business needs.


The Hill Report is useful for professionals, businesses and business individuals. We have successfully produced such an edition for thirty-six years in Talbot County and thirty-five years in Queen Anne’s County.

Individual $240/yr. emailed or $250/yr. Mailed


Once subscribed, you will receive copies on or about the 1st and 15th of each month either via email or paper mail.